The Kyoto Carbon Standard

The new digital benchmark in carbon markets

The Kyoto Carbon Standard introduces a ground-breaking approach to carbon markets, by being the first digital-only carbon standard to enhance the integrity and efficiency of scaling the VCM

The Kyoto Credit, an integral part of this standard, aligns with internationally recognized accreditation standards, ensuring credibility and effectiveness in carbon reduction efforts. This adherence to high standards fosters trust and encourages broader participation in climate change mitigation.

The Kyoto standard adopts an 'impact first' approach, aligning with multiple Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This commitment positions it as a leader in creating high-integrity, data-driven carbon emission credits, contributing not just to carbon reduction but also to broader environmental and social goals.

These new KYOTO Credits (KYCR) will be sold on a global, decentralized marketplace, hosted exclusively on the Kyoto blockchain - the Kyoto Carbon Exchange.

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