Maximum Supply

Maximum supply is hardcoded at a 750,000,000 $KYOTO

Initial Supply

Migrated Supply +18 months staking rewards = 543,271,930 $KYOTO

Circulating Supply

Initially 23,014,091 $KYOTO at launch

Initial Market Cap

129,584,527 USD (at listing price of 0.33$)

Token Distribution

Team 5% - 19,634,019

Foundation 62.40% - 245,028,029

Public 26.74% - 105,004,247

Liquidity 5.86% - 23,014,091

Block Rewards

The Kyoto token has a maximum supply of 750,000,000 tokens. At the genesis block, 543,271,930 $KYOTO tokens will be minted as the total supply. The remaining 206,728,070 tokens required to reach the maximum supply will be distributed after the initial 18 months of staking rewards. These tokens will be earned by those participating in the network.

Deflationary Mechanics

To help control the supply and appreciate Kyoto as an asset, we will implement planned token burns starting with 1 million Kyoto to be burned over the first year.

Token burns will be done in 15-minute intervals, reducing the circulating supply by the end of the first year by 0.2% (490,850,482.77 - 0.2% = 1 million $KYOTO) or 28.5388127853 $KYOTO burned per 15 mins.

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