Positive Impact

Decentralised positive impact, led by Kyoto DAO

Kyoto is positive impact-led and blockchain technology makes it easy to bring new levels of transparency and trust to ReFi initiatives and decentralized philanthropy.

The Kyoto DAO is an impact DAO that works closely with the Kyoto Foundation to ensure the decentralization of the Kyoto Blockchain, vote on strategic direction and allocate funds towards initiatives that help make an environmental and social impact.

The Kyoto Positive Impact Wallet will collect fees from Ecosystem projects and blockchain transactions and issue them directly to the wallet managed by the DAO.

These funds will be issued quarterly and proposals and votes for how the funds will be allocated will be presented to the DAO, to ensure funds go towards initiatives that make a difference.

Positive Impact Wallet address - 0x386A5eCF5F9e41E8b7e5F26d671709aC3791843a

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