A Sustainable Blockchain

Kyoto is committed to becoming the world's most sustainable blockchain.
The world's most sustainable blockchain? We recognise this is a bold and audacious claim. But the Kyoto blockchain has been built specifically with this goal in mind.
  1. 1.
    Carbon-negative by design
Kyoto is carbon-negative by design. 25% of each gas fee goes directly to offsetting the Kyoto blockchain. This unique architecture is a force multiplier in creating a positive impact and is a key differentiator to other market participants in both the VCM and blockchain market.
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    Over one million trees planted pre-launch
In order to demonstrate our commitment to ReFi and sustainability, we planted over one million trees prior to our blockchain launch.
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    Collecting and storing vital climate data
The Kyoto blockchain forms the backbone of Kyoto's IaaS and will become an important data silo; tracking and monitoring other VCM registries and credits, collating data that is stored securely on the Kyoto blockchain and making climate change and clean project data accessible to data optimization and machine learning.