Kyoto Blockchain

Trust through technology

The Kyoto Blockchain is the foundational layer of our climate technology company and is designed specifically to handle large volumes of climate-related data and carbon credit transactions, ensuring scalability, security, and speed.

By choosing to build our own 1, we ensure that we retain complete control of the carbon supply chain. This is crucial for the integration of dMRV, recording accurate data, and the issuance of our digital-only carbon standard.

Blockchain technology also solves several of the current issues associated with the VCM, and it is widely accepted that a blockchain ledger will be critical to maintaining successful carbon credit markets in the future.

Kyoto provides a complete supply chain solution, built from the ground up to utilize this technology, while other carbon standards look to bring carbon on-chain retrospectively.

The Kyoto Blockchain enables the following:

Increased Transparency

Blockchain technology provides a decentralized, transparent and secure system where all transactions are verified and recorded on an immutable public ledger.

The Eradication of Double Counting

Blockchain technology solves this problem by creating unique digital tokens that represent carbon credits. These digital tokens can only be created and retired once, with the whole lifecycle and trading activity tracked on the Kyoto Blockchain.

Market Accessibility

Web3 has unrivaled potential to increase participation in VCM, making carbon credits more accessible to individuals and companies.


The current infrastructure for the VCM is fragmented, containing many different standards and platforms. Kyoto provides a single platform and ecosystem for carbon trading, making it easier to successfully scale the market.

Reduces Costs

Blockchain technology streamlines carbon markets by removing intermediaries and reducing transaction costs.

Overall, these issues create a need for more transparency and trust in the VCM which can make it difficult for buyers to know which carbon offsets are legitimate and effective at reducing emissions.

We believe that addressing these challenges will lead to carbon credits becoming a truly unique store of value.

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