Welcome to Kyoto, the carbon-negative blockchain built to scale the Voluntary Carbon Market and Regenerative Finance by harnessing the power of Web3.
The global Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) is set to see exponential growth over the next few years with a predicted value of $50bn by 2030. This market growth is driven by the importance of solving climate change and global initiatives for corporates to tackle their carbon footprint and attain net-zero targets.
This new demand for carbon offsets will present new challenges as carbon markets have historically been fraught with issues. A lack of regulation, transparency, double counting and greenwashing means that offsetting with confidence is a genuine concern.
The Kyoto Blockchain is the first Layer One designed with the specific purpose of solving these legacy issues by bringing an evidence-based, high-integrity digital standard of carbon credit to the market, delivering transparency, liquidity, Web3 access and much lower costs.
These objectives not only give our blockchain a solid use case and utility, they also ensure Kyoto has a positive impact on the planet.
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