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What is KyotoSwap?

Hop into decentralised finance and make a positive impact.

20% Profits to Positive Impact

KyotoSwap is a decentralised exchange (DEX) where you can trade, earn, or launch projects within the decentralised finance (DeFi) world. KyotoSwap helps you earn the most out of your crypto whilst also having a positive impact around the globe. Our positive global impact has a wide range, from tree planting to ocean clean ups. Kyoto is clean, Kyoto is green, Kyoto is the future.
By joining our community you can become involved in the trusted and innovative ideas with an end goal of making a safer place for DeFi users to invest. To interact with the KyotoSwap Exchange, Farms, and Launchpad all you need is a supporting cryptocurrency wallet, no registration, no hassle. Links to popular wallets and help on how to use them can be found below.


Positive Change

KyotoSwap is a decentralised exchange for people who want to be a part of positive changes. As the first truly sustainable DEX, our mission is to harness regenerative finance (ReFi) to benefit our users and the environment. Kyoto will pledge 20% of profits made towards making a positive impact through projects such as tree planting, ocean clean ups, and helping those in need. KyotoSwap also offers lower trading fees than other top decentralized exchanges. KyotoSwap currently runs on BNB Smart Chain (BSC) with plans of migration to KYOTO Blockchain upon launching of mainnet.



KSWAP will have a single stake pool where you can lock your KSWAP for a set period of time to earn a higher APR!

Yield Farms

Earn KSWAP when you stake LP tokens. With a higher risk than Single Staking Pools due to market fluctuations and impermanent loss, our competitive APR rates help to make up for the extra risk!

Is KyotoSwap Safe?

KyotoSwap has been audited by reputable company Certik. The link to the Audit and all associated details can be found here.