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Guidance for downloadable Kyoto branding

The following are KyotoSwap Brand Assets.

  • The KyotoSwap and associated logos

  • The KyotoSwap name

  • Other visual assets produced by KyotoSwap.

You May Use KyotoSwap's Brand Assets When You are:

  • Referring to our products and services

  • Linking to our official site or products, such as "Trade our token on KyotoSwap"

  • Announcing an official partnership, but only if you have official approval by a qualified member of the KyotoSwap team

For information on other uses of our Brand Assets, please reach out to an Admin in Discord.

Protecting the KyotoSwap brand is extremely important for our users' security, so they know what is a genuine product/endorsement and what isn't.

Don't change or adapt our Brand Assets in any way

Use the logos and other assets exactly as provided. Do not change the colors, reassemble, abbreviate, or change these assets in any way.

KyotoSwap Logo Downloads

Once you've read all the above, download the KyotoSwap logo below.

By downloading this file, you confirm that you will only use it to the extent permitted by the terms detailed in this page.

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