Trade Securely & Earn Fees

KyotoSwap provides a user-friendly platform for cryptocurrency swaps, complemented by the opportunity for liquidity providers to earn fees from swap transactions.
KyotoSwap leverages extensively tested smart contracts that have facilitated the secure exchange of millions of dollars' worth of value without incurring any financial loss. The trading fees on the platform are highly affordable, with each transaction incurring a modest 0.25% fee. Liquidity providers on the platform receive 72% of the fees collected for providing the platform with crypto assets. This implies that if a user exchanges $USDT to $KSWAP, the liquidity providers who contributed both $USDT and $KSWAP will receive 72% of the fee in both $USDT and $KSWAP.

Other Ways To earn with KyotoSwap

1. Initial Farm Offerings (IFO)

KyotoSwap will host IFOs for qualifying projects launching on the Kyoto Blockchain, allowing both the KyotoSwap & the project's community to provide liquidity in return for the launching project's tokens. This allows users to earn tokens that are not available on the market in a unique, cost-efficient way, whilst allowing the launching project to earn revenue in the fees collected on KyotoSwap.

2. Yield Farms

Earn additional rewards when you stake LP tokens on supporting farms. Click here for active farms.

3. Single staking KSWAP

Earn additional KSWAP rewards by simply staking KSWAP for either 30 or 365 days in the KSWAP Vault. Locking up KSWAP in the vault also gives governance votes during the lockup period.