🌳Positive Impact

KyotoSwap integrates regenerative finance at its core, creating a positive social environmental and economical impact with its unique adaptation to a traditional DEX AMM protocol.

The Basics

KyotoSwaps unique protocol allows anyone to become carbon neutral passively just by providing liquidity using the platforms smart contracts with cryptocurrency they may already hold. By doing so, a user generates reward tokens in KSWAP. The KSWAP tokens earned can be used to plant trees or for governance and This unique opportunity allows consious cryptocurrency investors to help make the crypto they hold help the planet at no cost to them. Ofcourse with the added benefit that the tokens also earned by providing liquidity are the governance tokens of the entire Kyotoswap Platform.

How to make an Impact

Kyotoswap.io offers the ability to make a difference with the DEX native token, KSWAP. You can use your tokens to plant trees and rank on our Impact Leaderboard shown below. Kyotoswap are partnered with Veritree and all tree planting is verifiable here.

The Kyoto team looks to expand the ability for making an impact with other ideas including charities and ocean clean ups which will be able to be managed via the KSWAP DAO.

How to plant trees using KSWAP

To help guide our users we've provided an easy three step how to guide below.

1. Connect your wallet to KyotoSwap.io

2. Buy $KSWAP or provide liquidity to a farm to earn it passively.

3. Now you have your KSWAP in your wallet head to the impact page on our DEX here.

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