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Connect Your Wallet to KyotoSwap

Check out the steps below for how to connect your wallet to KyotoSwap.

  1. 1.
    Enter the KyotoSwap URL into your browser
For desktop users enter this into your browser search bar. For mobile users enter this into the browser section of your MetaMask App.
2. Click on the 'Connect Wallet' button on the right hand corner of the page.
3. Depending on whether you are using desktop or mobile, you may have a window pop up to select the wallet application you are using, MetaMask or WalletConnect. Here you select the option that suits your wallet type.
4. Once you have selected your wallet, click 'CONNECT' on the pop up window from your wallet.
5. When your wallet is connected, the top right hand corner of the homepage screen will show part of your wallet address.
Congratulations, you have now connected your wallet to the KyotoSwap site! You can now use all the functions like trade, stake, launchpad, and more!
Remember - NEVER, in any situation, should you ever give someone your private key or recovery phrases.