Controlling KSWAP supply

Does KSWAP Have a Hard Cap?

Yes, KSWAP has a hard cap of 750M.​

How Is KSWAP Supply Reduced?

We aim to make deflation higher than emission by building deflationary mechanisms into KyotoSwap's products, with an end goal of more KSWAP leaving circulation than the amount of KSWAP that's produced.

Reducing Block Emissions

By reducing the amount of KSWAP made per block, we slow inflation. This has already been done once. Since the migration from the acquired OrbitalSwap, we have already migrated to a slower emission and longer runway.

Deflationary Mechanisms

Regular token burns are built into many of KyotoSwap's products, with more on the way. We have 2 Kyoto Blockchain nodes running for the benefit of KSWAP. Their revenue will periodically be used to buy back and burn KSWAP. Check the KSWAP Tokenomics page for details on present and upcoming deflationary mechanisms.