KSWAP Single Staking Pool

Compounding Your KSWAP

KyotoSwap has a long term locked Single Staking pool for the KSWAP token. The benefits of these single staking pools will be auto-compounding KSWAP with a high APR to maximise gains from longer term KSWAP holdings.

What is the KSWAP Utility?

KSWAP token utility will be ever-growing through the runway we have for the token. We aim to expand the utility greatly in Q1 and Q2 2023. Vote for Farms with KSWAP
The main initial utility for KSWAP will be to vote for new Farm pairs on This means that those who lock their KSWAP in the single staking pools will have the option to vote for new farms. If you have a favourite pair (for example BTCB/BNB) or favourite project you would like a pair for, then you will have the ability to put this option forward in a voting process to stake and earn KSWAP!