How to Use Farms

Unlike single staking pools, yield farms require you to create a liquidity pair from two tokens. For more information on how to do so please see the link below:
Below is a Guide to Get You Started on Earning KSWAP by Farming!
1. Connect your wallet to KyotoSwap. A helpful guide is linked. Connect Your Wallet to KyotoSwap
2. Create yourself an LP pair. Ensure this LP pair is available in the farms tab of the DEX. A helpful guide is linked. How to Add Liquidity
3. Now that you have your LP pair, navigate to the farms tab under Earn at the top of the screen.
4. Pick the Farm pair you would like to enter and a drop down box will appear where you can 'ENABLE' that liquidity pair. A transaction window will open for you to confirm.
5. You will have to pick the amount of LP tokens you wish to stake, and stake them by clicking the 'STAKE LP' button. Again, this will open a transaction window for you to sign.
6. Your LP is now staked in the farms! Your 'KSWAP EARNED' will begin to grow and you can harvest them to your wallet at any time. To unstake LP the process needs to be reversed.