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KyotoSwap offers the means to earn by staking on the DEX. We currently offer a few different options for this:

Stake Tokens In Single Staking Pools

KyotoSwap allows people to single stake their KSWAP tokens in a locked pool for a set amount of time with an extra benefit of higher APR. We will also be looking into enabling single staking pools for partner projects in the future.

Stake LP Tokens in Yield Farms

Users who provide liquidity to the KyotoSwap DEX have the option to stake liquidity pairs for those pairs available in the 'FARMS' section. For staking your LP tokens you will be rewarded by receiving tokens. Some farms will reward the user in the DEX native token, KSWAP. For more information on adding liquidity pairs, please see the guide below:
For more information on how to yield farm with KyotoSwap, please see below: