Positive Impact

Kyoto Swap is the first decentralized exchange (DEX) that allows anybody to become carbon neutral at little to no cost.

The Basics

KyotoSwaps unique modular economy allows anyone to become carbon neutral at little to no cost. 20% of all platform revenues also go towards afforestation, further helping in the battle against climate change. For users of this means that, just trading on our DEX will be creating a positive impact with no further actions needed from the individual!

Make an Impact offers the ability to make a difference with the DEX native token, KSWAP. You can use your tokens to plant trees and rank on our Impact Leaderboard shown below. Kyotoswap are partnered with Veritree and all tree planting is verifiable here. So start making a positive impact today!
The Kyoto team looks to expand the ability for making an impact with other ideas including charities and ocean clean ups. All ideas will be welcomed and suggestions in future governance voting will always be appreciated!

Become Carbon Neutral, Passively

With Kyotoswap farms, you can actually become carbon neutral at no extra cost! By providing LP to one of our farms you can earn KSWAP to then make a positive impact! We have ensured we have competitive APR's in our farms including our stable coin pairs. For the user, this means that they can provide LP with the lowest risk in stable coins and use the KSWAP thats generated to offset their personal carbon footprint!