Marketing Packages is a product launched by Within this ever expanding team is a lot of knowledge and experience gained first hand on marketing DeFi projects. We will gladly offer this knowledge to guide and suggest marketing avenues for projects on the run up to launching. Marketing is an investment that can be crucial to making your launch a successful one. If you are motivated and driven to make your project succeed then you should be serious about allocating time and money to marketing, as it can play a key role in the outcome. For example, a presale will always fill easier with marketing pushing people towards your project. At KyotoSwap we have people on hand who can help steer you away from marketing scams that won't deliver the desired results, and point you in the direction of helpful and professional content creators and marketing.
You should have a clear strategy for both pre and post launch marketing to attract investors. For example, If you want to spend 80 BNB on pre launch marketing to fill 400 BNB hard cap, then plan to have 50 BNB well in advance of your launch to get preparations underway. will be building on past experiences to collate together useful marketing contacts into packages projects can utilise. We will be able to advise services and offer discount prices for set and custom marketing packages through partnered contacts.