Launchpad Fees

Not only will we have some of the lowest launchpad fees around, but we will also accept part token payment for the fee from the launch raise. The difference with us is, we won't be dumping those tokens and will offer a variety of options to help give a project a chance to get up and running!

Raise Fee

Flat Rate

We will offer a flat rate of 2% of BNB/BUSD raised at Launchpad level.

Part Token Payment

We are invested in helping projects have the very best chance possible to succeed. For this reason, we will be open to discussions regarding part token payment from the launchpad raise. There will be options for this such as:
  • Vesting period for KyotoSwap to hold the tokens.
  • Timescale for the tokens to be bought back OTC from us.
For more information on launching on the KyotoSwap Launchpad, please see the link below: How to List a Project