Launchpad Intro
Security Assured, the Kyoto Swap Launchpad is built with the security of our users in mind. Our mission is to minimise financial and reputation risk by implementing a comprehensive due diligence process that delivers users peace of mind. For newly launching projects, we have a range of options and services to help you get started on your crypto journey. Unlike other DEX and launchpads, we are offering partial token payment from launchpad raise fees, these also have the option for the KyotoSwap team to vest these tokens. The Kyoto Foundation has started the process in scouting for the next ReFi protocol to build or bridge over to our EVM compatible layer one blockchain. If you are a ReFi protocol that needs incubation, funding, or exposure, the Kyoto Foundation would like to help.
If you are interested in building a ReFi protocol, please fill out the link below and the Kyoto Foundation team will contact you. ReFi Protocol Grant form

KYC Process

KyotoSwap will only be hosting projects who use Partner KYC providers. This is because we will only Partner with a KYC Service that meets our standard. Links to KYC partners documents can be found below.


Here at KyotoSwap we have an in-house developer team. They will do initial checks on team contracts and whitepapers before we move forward with further discussions and pass them onto one of our partnered audit providers. Links to these partners documents can be found below.

Launchpad Fees

Not only will we have some of the lowest launchpad fees around, but we will also accept partial token payment for the fee from launch raise. The difference with us is we won't be dumping those tokens and will offer a variety of options to help give a project a chance to get up and running!