Kyoto Liquidity Balancer (KLB)

Core Concept

KLB is KyotoSwap's price balancer that is designed to keep the price of a specified token in a liquidity pair within set price boundaries. It does so by performing trades based on the current token price. The balancing system is highly flexible as each balancing parameter is optional, therefore the exact algorithm of the balancing action may vary. This functionality is available to use by projects who decide to utilise our launchpad and launch on KyotoSwap.

How Could This Benefit Your Project?

KLB system is designed for projects that have utility that provides them with income, as this is required to sustain the KLB system. This means that you could have little to no volatility in the price of your token, with the system trading at the thresholds of the price range you wish. For example, buying tokens at the lower threshold while sustaining a floor price for your token, and selling the token at the higher threshold to ensure profit is made which you can use to upkeep your project, keep building, and rewarding holders. This means that your project could benefit from buying tokens at the lower threshold and sustaining a price for your token, but then selling the token at the higher threshold. This ensues into profits made by these trades that you can use to upkeep your project, build, and reward holders.

Other KLB advantages

  • SUPPORT - KyotoSwap has an on hand Dev team dedicated to KyotoSwap products and utility, always there to support or fix issues our users may encounter.
  • CUSTOMISABLE - KLB was built by us, for our users. This means that the process is simple and fast to set up and we can work with you to customise any parameters you need.
  • FEES - This is more than just a price stabiliser to us. We have ensured that there is no need for separate liquidity pools and no fees on bot transactions.
  • SECURITY - KyotoSwap has implemented security mechanisms in place with KLB to prevent loss of funds in unexpected events
If you are interested in using the KLB system on KyotoSwap or need more information, contact the KyotoSwap team through one of our channels: Discord - Email - [email protected]