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The introduction of voting in the Kyotoswap ecosystem gives the user the ability to have their say! The voKSWAP token (Governance KSWAP) will be emitted to you when you lock your KSWAP for 30 or 365 days in the single staking pools. This voKSWAP token will give you the ability to vote for any upcoming changes proposed by the core team and also create suggestions of your own!

What This Means For You?

Core Proposals - These will be changes of which the core team believe will better the future of KyotoSwap or KyotoProtocol. The results of these votes will be actioned. Community Suggestions - This is the opportunity for the community to put forward any suggestions they wish to. The Kyoto team will always look over community input and any great ideas may be put forward to a core proposal! A minimum of 50 voKSWAP is required to be held to create a community suggestion For Example - This means that those who lock their KSWAP in the single staking pools will have the option to vote for new farms. If you have a favourite pair, for example BTCB-BNB, or favourite project token you would like a farm pair for, then you will have the ability to put this option forward in a voting process to stake and earn KSWAP!