How to Trade

KyotoSwap is very easy to use compared to most exchanges. You aren't going to be overwhelmed by charts or jargon, and calculations are all presented to you in a transparent manner.

Getting Setup to Trade

Before you can trade, you will need a BNB Smart Chain-compatible wallet. You can learn how to get one here. You will also need to have some BEP20 tokens to trade with. You can learn how to get some here.

Trading on the KyotoSwap Exchange

1. Enter the KyotoSwap URL into your browser ( )
For desktop users enter this into your browser search bar. For mobile users enter this into the browser section of your MetaMask App or the dApp section of your Trust Wallet.
2. Click on the 'Connect' button on the top right hand corner of the page. If you haven't yet connected your wallet to KyotoSwap, you can view the guide to here.
3. Navigate to the Swap section from the 'TRADE' section of the menu.
4. Choose the token you want to trade from the dropdown menu in the top section. The default setting is BNB. Then choose the token you want to trade to in the "To" section as below.
Whether you enter an amount in the 'from' or 'to' box, the other box should auto populate with the amount to pay or receive. Whichever tokens you choose, you will need to make sure you have some to trade with. Your balance is shown in the token dropdown menu and on the swap page above the input boxes.
5. Check the details and click the Swap button.
6. A window with more details will appear from your wallet with the ability to sign the transaction. Check if the details are correct.
When you have checked the details, click the 'Swap' button. Your wallet will then need you to confirm/sign the transaction.
7. Your transaction will be submitted, and you will be able to see your transaction details on the chains explorer (BSCSCAN).

Common Issues for Transactions Failing

Gas Fees

Gas fees on the Binance Smart Chain are cheap. They generally range from only a few cents to as much as a couple of dollars. That being said, you will always need the BNB Smart Chain token in your wallet to pay for the gas fees associated with the transaction you are trying to make. If you require the transaction to be pushed through faster, you can set to pay a higher gas fee. Learn more about BNB gas fees here.

Transaction Fees

Many projects on the Binance Smart Chain have a tax written into their contract. This could be used for things such as the project's treasury. If you are trying to buy or sell such tokens you will need to know what taxes the contact has. If you fail to adjust your slippage to account for these taxes, you may get a slippage error message when trying to swap. For example: Normal trading slippage can be anywhere from 0.25-0.5%. This accounts for transaction fees. If a project has a 6% buy tax, you will need to set your slippage to account for both the buy tax and the transaction fee. This means that your slippage will need to be around 7-8%. Slippage also accounts for changes in price between the moment you trade and the time your transaction is submitted. If the token you are trading has a volatile price, you may need to adjust your slippage further.