How to Add Liquidity

Follow the Steps Below for creating a Liquidity Pair:
1. Enter the KyotoSwap URL into your browser ( )
For desktop users enter this into your browser search bar. For mobile users enter this into the browser section of your MetaMask App or dApp section of your Trust Wallet.
2. Click on the 'Connect' button on the top right hand corner of the page. If you haven't yet connected your wallet to KyotoSwap, you can view the guide on how to do it here.
3. Navigate to the liquidity section from the 'TRADE' section at the top of the screen. Click the 'Add Liquidity' button.
4. You will now need to select the tokens you are adding to the liquidity pair. For example, BUSD/ETH. You will need an equal $ amount of each token to create to Liquidity pair.
5. You will be required to 'ENABLE' the tokens for trade on KyotoSwap before proceeding.
6. After the other token has autofilled, if you don't have enough to cover making the LP, you will be met with an 'INSUFFICIENT BALANCE' warning like below.
(If one of the tokens does not have enough balance, you will see an error and the supply button will be greyed out. Please enter a lower amount to proceed.)
7. When the tokens have been enabled, the 'Supply' button will appear. Click to proceed.
8. When you have checked the details and clicked the 'Supply' button, you will need to confirm the transaction in your wallet.
9. Once the transaction has been approved, you will see the liquidity tokens in your wallet on the liquidity page of KyotoSwap.