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KyotoSwap is a DEX (decentralised exchange) that allows you to trade your tokens, stake your tokens, and much more. A comprehensive due diligence process is an integral part of our Launchpad, as we try to keep our user's investment risk to a minimum and give you peace of mind. KyotoSwap will also serve as a Bridge to the Kyoto Blockchain from the BNB Smart Chain network.
The KyotoSwap Exchange offers several features that support decentralised trading:


As a decentralised exchange, KyotoSwap offers users the ability to trade/swap their tokens without the need for a centralised exchange. Other benefits of a DEX are as follows: - Access to a wider range of tokens from both established and new projects. - Fast Transactions - Permissionless trading, trade your money for tokens you wish to own.
Always do your research before buying tokens. Ensure you are buying the correct token before completing a swap.
KyotoSwap collects a base 0.25% trading fee for each swap on the exchange. 0.17% of this is distributed to liquidity providers and 0.08% goes to the KyotoSwap Treasury. Other useful documents linked below.

Liquidity Pools

You can only swap tokens that have enough liquidity on KyotoSwap to do so. Liquidity pools are created when two separate tokens are paired together and deposited in a smart contract. If a token has low liquidity, then trading may be difficult due to factors like price impact. KyotoSwap users can use our DEX to provide liquidity for tokens and in return, can earn rewards from the trading fees for that token. More information for liquidity pairs and how they work can be found here. For more guidance on how to add liquidity on KyotoSwap, visit the link below:

Yield Farming

KyotoSwap gives users the ability to stake LP tokens in Yield Farms to earn more rewards. The goal of these farms is to encourage users to provide LP on the DEX by giving them higher rewards which in turn, counteracts the risk of impermanent loss associated with locking in your liquidity.
By adding LP tokens to KyotoSwap and staking them in the Yield Farms, you will not only earn a portion of the trading fees associated with that token, but will also earn KSWAP tokens. This allows users to 'double dip' on rewards and earn more.